Better printing, bigger profits

PrintFactory is workflow software for wide format printers. It comes with a set of tools that work much harder and smarter than the average, standard RIP shipped with wide format printers today.

PrintFactory is easier to use. It was made by printers, for printers. It’s more intelligent. It’s SaaS. And with it’s world-class colour engine, PrintFactory guarantees better printing for your customers and bigger profits for you.

Consistent colour

Our customers love the fact that PrintFactory’s workflow software prints better, more vivid, stronger, and more accurate colour – consistently – on different substrates, in different conditions, miles and months apart.

Simply put, our device-link profiles send data about the colour source directly to your printers. With PrintFactory, the colour you want, is the colour you get.

Lower ink costs

The real problem with colour, is that it’s more than the sum of its parts. And in the process of constantly chasing colour, there’s a chance you’ll always use more ink than you need to and still get imperfect results – unless your workflow software uses device-link profiles.
PrintFactory lets you create device-link profiles in just a few clicks. With them, you get more vivid colour – you use less ink in the process – and there’s absolutely no degradation in quality.

Smarter job prep

With PrintFactory’s Editor in place, your team will be working smarter not harder. Check, fix, and process more files in less time. It’s as easy as that.

PrintFactory’s in-app Editor gives you all the key editing features of premium design software (such as In-Design and Photoshop), and more. Fixing fonts, changing images, tweaking artwork and moving type around the page – sure, that’s easy. But it’s the cross-network connection to device-link profiling that will make a difference to your business.

Less wasted media

Advanced nesting and ganging. Optimized tiling. True Shape nesting, mirror templates, cut-path editing,  – and all the bleed settings you could ever want or need. PrintFactory does it all, but we do it in a way that reduces your media wastage AND gives you more control over what you’re doing and the profits you’re making. How? PrintFactory doesn’t process PDFs. It creates XML instructions that do the job, instead.

The way our workflow software works will make you think. It’s not just what you can do with smart layouts, it’s how the software processes those jobs: saving time, reducing wasted media.