The ColorLogic suite of colour management software tools are the most comprehensive and effective available on the market today. The unique features and productivity benefits will boost colour quality, repeatability and management.

ColorAnt is a stand-alone tool for the measurement, analysis and correction of colour data prior to ICC profiling. Reading errors from the instrument, print errors or other factors can disrupt the quality of any data measured. By optimising both the measurement and analysis of multiple data sets, it allows for the creation of printer profiles without the time and cost-intensive printing of large test charts. The solution comes with a vast toolbox of analysing, comparing, reporting and viewing features to assist users in pinpointing potential sources of error and recommending the best tools to correct these. ColorAnt helps to optimise every printer profiling tool in the market, whether it is ICC-compliant or not. The solution is highly regarded in markets worldwide for its accurate analysis and deployed internationally to secure time-saving profile creation.

CoPrA is considered the perfect control centre for any profiling task as it enables users to produce high quality profiles with just a few clicks using simple easy-to-use tools. CoPrA can easily create Printer, DeviceLink and SaveInk high-quality ICC profiles with multi colour options for day-to-day colour management challenges.

Users can generate grey, RGB, CMY, CMYK or multi colour profiles with just a few simple clicks. Before profiling, CoPrA also handles profile management and analysis by managing all ICC profile systems on the system. Moreover, the tool compares curves and gamut of profiles to data or other ICC profiles. A thorough analysis results in the most optimal recommendation to optimise colour profile creation.

CoPrA sports a user-friendly interface and is recognised by a variety of users worldwide as one of the most useful, intelligent and advanced profiling tools in the industry today. Its ICC-compliant technology is considered flexibly adaptable and customisable to ever-changing profiling needs, making it the perfect colour profile creation partner in the industry.

ZePrA is a sophisticated colour server that simplifies automated colour management and conversion for any user – without incurring the complexity and overpricing of legacy workflow solutions. The tool is fluid in its use, by offering a fast, flexible rendering of a workable solution for the printer to simplify, duplicate and modify configurations and queues for everyday tasks in the day-to-day production work. It analyses colour fast and flexibly, allowing printers to immediately and flawlessly create the required DeviceLinks profiles without suffering through long integration phases.

ZePrA Smart Colour Server can be integrated into an existing workflow for direct results. Its easy-to-use interface simplifies the process of creating custom DeviceLinks profiles for any workflow.

ZePrA delivers thanks to the combination of Smart Colour Server, Smartlink and the PantoneLive® Support. The ZePrA Smart Colour Server analyses colour at incredible speeds. SmartLink creates DeviceLinks on-the-fly using ColorLogic’s advanced colour technology. The integrated PantoneLIVE support allows inline access to PantoneLIVE libraries in ZePrA, provided users have a PantoneLIVE Production License. ZePrA’s more advanced features, such as Multi colour options or advanced spot colour conversion, can be added as equipment is updated and upgraded.


An easy-to-use tool that measures, corrects and optimises measurement data.

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CoPrA is the control center for any profiling task. Create printer, device-link and ink-saving profiles with multicolour options.

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Integrate the ZePrA smart colour server with SmartLink into an existing workflow for immediate results.

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