Signracer 3200

Three words – Return On Investment. How quickly can you pay for your machine and start making a profit? It all comes down to speed, quality, reliability and ultimately price. With the SignRacer range of flatbed and hybrid UV inkjet printers you have a winning business case. These machines are fast, extremely reliable and very competitively priced.

The SignRacer range of UV LED flatbed and hybrid inkjet printers are engineered in Switzerland and print direct to substrate for maximum speed and productivity. Available in both flatbed and hybrid configurations to suit roll, rigid and flexible substrates.

UV LED technology means low power consumption, fast start-up times and low heat for direct-to-substrate printing on a huge range of materials including temperature sensitive.

The high performance LED curing system can be adjusted to suit different applications such as thermoforming where a degree of flexibility still needs to be present in the inks after printing. LED technology is low temperature and a long life of 20,000 hours printing time.


These are machines that can grow with your business. No need to trade in to increase speed or add features. Each Ricoh printhead has two colour channels so just two printheads are needed for CMYK printing. You could start with a two printhead machine and then add one more head to add two more colours such as Light Cyan / Light Magenta or Gloss / White. Speed can also be increased by adding a duplicate second row of printheads – this doubles the area printed every pass. It’s also possible to flush out colour channels and replace colours so you could change your mind and swap a Light Cyan / Light Magenta head out to Gloss / White.

Flatbed & Hybrid

The range is available in both flatbed and hybrid models of various sizes. Hybrid machines give you the best of all worlds by allowing you to print on rigid or flexible materials up to 50mm thick. Flatbeds can print up to 100mm thick and also support back-to-front printing allowing you to be loading and unloading the machine as it prints for the ultimate in productivity.

High Definition

Every model is also available with the latest Generation 5S Ricoh printheads. We call these models High Definition because the drop size of the print head is reduced from 7 to 2.5 picolitres. To put things in perspective, one picoliter is a trillionth of a litre.  One 5ml teaspoon contains 5 billion picoliters.

That is a very small droplet which makes these machines capable of producing extremely high detail but on a massive scale.

Service & Support

The SignRacer range is distributed exclusively in the UK by Nth Degree Imaging. We service and support with our team of highly skilled engineers. Not only are they fantastic with a spanner but they have huge experience in colour management and software rips. From experience we can say that these Swiss machines are extremely reliable and we have had very few problems in the field.

For all the finer detail on machine specifications head over to our dedicated SignRacer site here.