The Bristol-based award winning firm invested in a SignRacer UV flatbed printer from NDI earlier this year. Bought to fulfil colour-critical large format contracts, the machine was installed with the latest Gen6 printheads from Ricoh and the extended gamut inkset from SignRacer. Adding Orange and Violet inks to the standard CMYK set pushes the achievable range of colours much further than can be done on most UV printers.

Since installation the machine has been constantly in use so it’s been difficult to fit in a service visit to add some upgrades to further improve the machine. Our engineers spent a couple of days last week adding the new high-chroma Yellow and Magenta inks to further increase the already great colour gamut of the printer. Also added were new printhead controller boards with a new improved waveforms for improved droplet accuracy. Although capable of printing beds of up to 3.1 x 1.6 m – this machine has pin-sharp accuracy for extra fine detail of 1200dpi. Also fitted are White and Varnish inks for a huge variery of creative applications.

To take control of the calibration of this machine, Hamptons chose PrintFactory as the RIP most capable of profiling the extended gamut and controlling the spot colours.