For many years now we’ve been told that printed communication is dying. Everyone will do everything via their smartphones and the postman can put his feet up. However, declining trust in online due to data privacy issues has been building for some time and Apple and Google have made significant changes to protect consumer privacy. Mail offers a secure and confidential platform for marketers. While fake news and misinformation may thrive online, consumers continue to have confidence in mail and what’s more, its trusted across all age groups.

The Leicester based Marketing and Communications experts, Go Inspire are the trusted partner of 100’s of the UK’s brands for transactional, variable-data and personalised direct-marketing print. Chances are if you’ve had something through the letterbox that you’ve opened then they’ve created it.

An essential part of GI’s pre-press process is the creation of double-sided imposition proofs. Seeing a hard copy of a complicated mailing format to check before starting a multi-million impression variable data press run is obviously of prime importance. Doing this is the job of the mighty ImpoProof. The system is the world’s most productive double-sided proofer. Up to 23 double-sided B1 proofs per hour at 1200dpi. Available in 24″, 44″ or 60″ versions with dual Canon print engines.

It’s always a great compliment when a customer comes back to us to replace an old system that we originally installed. We installed the original ImpoProof system at GI back in 2013. They got 9 years of service out of the two original Canon 8400S printers but eventually after the models were discontinued, parts were no longer available to keep them running. The new ImpoProof system uses the latest 4100S machines from Canon and has a host of improvements including a new camera and software.

The ImpoProof is like a mini web press, with a loop of paper running between the two stacked inkjet printers. Without a complicated paper transport system seen on alternative double-sided solutions, the machine is far more efficient because there are no paper jams. The control software integrates with your workflow and pulls imposition signatures directly, matching them to each other by naming convention. Any working method can be simulated such as work-and-turn, work-and-tumble, sheetwork etc.

The system is extremely accurate, with a +/- 1mm accuracy. This is thanks to it’s unique and reliable camera registration system. Rather than an error-prone mechanical alignment, the camera registers a dot printed on the first side and aligns the second side on the fly. This means that the system constantly self-corrects.