The award-winning design, print and direct-mail specialist Geoff Neal Group pushed the button on a brand new proofing system this week. We installed the latest Epson SC-P9500 inkjet printer along with an on-board spectrophotometer and ProofMaster RIP with great results.

The Epson is the latest generation of the brand’s inkjet printers that have dominated the proofing market for many years now. Thanks to double print-heads, this machine is over twice as fast as previous models. They now have a dust exclusion system making them by far the most reliable inkjet out there. With Matt Black and Photo black inks now constantly available without switching the machine is perfect for both proofing and fine art. The onboard spectro is perfect for keeping the machine calibrated, easily making new media profiles and verifying contract proofs.

These machines are built like tanks, making them extremely colour-stable. Only concern is getting them into position. Having done plenty of difficult installs, our install team weren’t worried when they saw these stairs!

Powered by the ProofMaster software the colour accuracy is second to none. ProofMaster is available to run on both Mac or PC and can run over the network allowing client installs to upload and edit jobs for printing. For this install the rip is pulling jobs automatically from the customer’s workflow.

Without needing to iterate the measurements to bring the profile within spec, the ProofMaster colour engine has the proofer comfortably passing FOGRA 39 after the first test-chart.

The on-board spectroproofer measures the FOGRA media wedge and prints the test results on the proof. Very tight results from the first proof off the machine.

All measurement results are uploaded to the cloud and available to view through a browser. Uniquely to ProofMaster, a QR code is added to the proof which can be scanned with your phone camera to access the full measurement results.

Results are held in the cloud for thirty days – you should be able to scan the QR code in this image to see it in action!