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We at NDi  are leading specialists in inkjet technology, colour management, workflow integration and consumables products. We offer superior technical know-how and support from our team of manufacturer-trained technicians and engineers.

Where financial savings are to be made for our clients we will make them, but not at the expense of quality. In an evermore challenging and demanding industry, we at NDi continually search for products that truly offer the best ROI to our customers and prospective clients. Whether it be hardware such as wide format inkjet print engines, colour management services, alternative ink or other consumable items – you will receive proven premium quality products at the right price for today’s market conditions.

  • Exclusive UK distributors of wide format inkjet technology and workflow management systems.

  • Leading independent specialist in colour management boasting over 40 year’s experience

  • A consultative and collaborative approach to system recommendation. No HARD SELL.

  • Free technical support and expert advice.

  • Total system service provision by manufacturer-trained engineers

  • Bespoke software and solution development

  • Alternative wide format ink supply with engineering and technical support.


We strive to supply the very best inkjet technology, whether it be hardware, software or consumables.


We understand that your business needs to keep working. You need technical services from people who not only know how to get the problem fixed but also have a sense of urgency and ownership of the problem. Unlike large corporations, we are all customer facing and don’t claim that ‘it’s not my department.’

Our technical staff are all multi-disciplined and your first-line contact will always be direct with the engineer who knows your kit. We deal with integrated systems so have the skills to make them work as a whole. As well as installing or repairing your printer, your inkjet engineer will also be able to troubleshoot your RIP, integrate with your network and workflow as well as colour profiling. Mac or PC, hardware or software – we have the experience to solve any issue.

Uniquely in the UK, we repair Epson large-format printers even within their warranty period.

We are colour management experts with in-house experts trained to postgraduate level.

Standardisation is our forte. We can calibrate your system and certify you for FOGRA accreditation.

Great UV inkjet engineers are hard to come by because they all work for us. We service and support the entire SignRacer range.

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We only work with brands that we respect and have a proven track record in delivering quality products and effective solutions. All our engineers are fully trained and experienced in integrating and developing solutions involving the best technological providers.


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