Automate your production, increase efficiency and diversify your business

The Sinajet digital cutter range combines high speed and accuracy with superb value for money to make a great return on investment. The integrated camera system automatically registers to the artwork wherever it may be on the cutting table. With a maximum cutting thickness of 25mm and a maximum speed of 1.8 metres per second it can handle almost anything you can throw at it.

The freedom to create

Intricate and accurate cutting, creasing and perforating give you the ability to create endless amounts of excitingly unique products. Working seamlessly with well-known design packages such as Adobe Illustrator, VeloBlade Nexus will fit comfortably within your workflow and take your operations to the next level.

CNC Router for 25mm cut depth

With over 100 tools and accessories to choose from, no matter the finish you are trying to attain you’ll be able to achieve it. From knives to provide the perfect cut angle to engraving tools, this range will cover all your needs.

Automatic cut depth setting

ZipCore software will even detect the depth of material you are cutting to give you the cleanest of finishes and ensure the quality of the cutting bed is protected and reserved.

With a cutting depth of 25mm, this range opens up a new world of possibilities enabling you to work with a vast array of substrates including; dibond, MDF, fabrics and acrylic, whilst ensuring the perfect cut-depth consistently.

Rotating bed for roll-fed and sheet-fed production

Make your business more productive by automating your workflow. Whether you’re working with sheets or from a roll, VeloBlade Nexus will take control and complete the job automatically. Giving you and your time more time to work on other jobs. You can even work reel-to-reel.

Inclusive ZipCore Software

In-built ZipCore software is feature-rich and gives you complete control over your system. Even down to specifying 0.01mm cut depth alterations! You can be assured that your VeloBlade Nexus will operate seamlessly.