Valiani Optima V 250

The Optima V range of professional, flatbed, cutting plotters is aimed at businesses specialising in short to medium runs of prototyping, furnishing creation, textile and cardboard patterns, die cutting and many more applications. Target industries include offset/digital printing and the display/packaging market.

Each plotter consists of two modular tooling stations which function completely independently of each other to minimise interruptions and increase productivity. Each station can be configured to cut, half-cut or crease up to a maximum depth of 20mm.

Optima V plotters are fitted with an integrated camera for crop mark detection which, when combined with the OptiCrop software package, allows for highly accurate contour creasing and cutting around pre-printed materials. The high-level of accuracy offered by Optima V plotters means that even print-distorted media can be effectively processed.

The twin heads of each plotter can be independently adjusted to a height to suit the type and length of blade being used, which improves the quality and precision of the final product, regardless of the material being used.

Increased accuracy of positioning is achieved by having two hold-down systems: vacuum-assisted hold-down and Valiani’s new fold-away clamping system.

Plotters in the Optima V range can be used with a wide variety of media including foam board and gator board, rigid materials such as PVC and vinyl, rubber and crystal decoration stickers, cardboard (including fluted, folding, honeycomb and corrugated), leather and other textiles and polymer plates.

Valiani Optima V 80

Optima V 80

Working area: 1230mm x 800mm
Height: 1200mm
Width: 1830 mm
Depth: 1430mm
Weight: 145 kg

Valiani Optima V 160

Optima V 160

Working area: 1230mm x 1600mm
Height: 1200mm
Width: 1830 mm
Depth: 2230mm
Weight: 190 kg

Valiani Optima V 250

Ultra V 250

Working area: 1230mm x 2520mm
Height: 1200mm
Width: 1830mm
Depth: 3010mm
Weight: 290 kg