High speed waterbased printing for outdoor applications

The HydroSpeed range are high-speed, low-consumption machines for production of blue-back and wallpapers. The brighter waterbased inks have an outdoor life of 3 to 6 months without losing brightness. The inks are a perfect match for the Kyocera print heads resulting in less consumption and vibrant colours due to high pigmentation.


  • Kyocera KJ4B / 2-4 print heads
  • Printing speed 130m2/h


  • Kyocera KJ4B / 4 print heads
  • Printing speed up to 340 m2/h

Hydrospeed TURBO

  • Kyocera KJ4B / 8 print heads
  • Printing speed up to 540 m2/h

Intelligent capping system

The built-in humidifier enables constant moisturising, guaranteeing the stability of ink supply system and preventing blocked nozzles caused by dry ink. Automated head wiping removes the residual ink on the nozzle surface, to guarantee continuous printing.

Wind / unwind

Equipped with full servo motors for feeding and taking-up, the stepping accuracy of the machine is greatly enhanced. The laser sensor at the winding section measures the roll diameter in real time for constant and smooth winding.

Magnetic linear motor and steel rail beam

The rail beam is made of high-strength steel with top straightness. Combined with magnetic levitation motor, it improves the stability and smoothness of the printhead carriage’s back and forth movement.