Highly productive UV printing on rigid and roll media

The SignRacer range of hybrid UV printers combines high performance with reliability.  Highly configurable and upgradeable, the machines can print with varnish and white inks as well as dual-array heads for double speed. Linear motors increase carriage speed and reduce vibration, maximising throughput. The vacuum conveyor belt allows either flexible media to run roll-to roll or rigid to be loaded via the media tables.

Linear motor for high speed

The linear motor technology allows a much higher carriage speed of 1.5 m/s compared to 1.0 m/s for the belt system. In addition, the acceleration of the carriage is faster and there is much less vibration and noise. The hybrid and flatbed models with linear motor will have a speed increase of 50% compared to the double row Ricoh print heads.

Print heads

The Kyocera print heads are ideally suited to the hybrid machine, using a symmetrical configuration to increase the speed. The symmetrical configuration has maximum five print heads in one row, four heads for colour and a fifth print head for white can be added on hybrids and flatbed printers.

The Ricoh range of printheads are also available, with the HD option for producing ultra high resolution results.

Self-regulated conveyor belt with adjustable vacuum

An integrated belt-drive control and automated adjustment guarantees a safe and linear material transport. A laser recognizes the belt movement and corrects it. The safe material handling is supported by an adjustable vacuum and a regulated belt tensioning system for the material management.