High-definition UV printing

The SignRacer range of flatbed UV printers combines high performance with reliability. The optional High Definition Ricoh Gen5S printheads give unbeatable fine detail on any substrate making this the machine for photographic quality results even at large sizes and thicknesses. Highly configurable and upgradeable, the machines can print with varnish and white inks as well as dual-array heads for double speed.

Superior printheads

The SignRacer is available with a choice of Ricoh or Kyocera printheads. Depending on the application the best printhead can be installed. The Kyocera heads offer high speed and amazing reliability. The Ricoh heads are available in standard Gen6 or the HD model which offers droplet sizes of 2.5 picolitres for true photographic quality.

The steel-housed print heads are industrial grade and work fantastically with the manufacturer approved Signracer range of low-viscosity inks, using optimised printhead wave-forms, temperatures and voltages.

High Bridge

The standard maximum media height is 10cm. For some applications requiring a greater depth the High Bridge model has been developed. The bridge can be moved with two motors into positions of 15, 20 and 25 cm. The High Bridge mechanism is using a separate software. The control is done with a touch screen which also shows important safety information. For safety reasons the bridge can only move as long as the finger touches the screen.

Anti Static

Based on requests from the market SignRacer has developed a new high-end anti-static system, which is integrated into a new LED housing. The anti-static system uses two 24 cm electrodes which are located between the LED system and the carriage. This position is ideal to reduce static as close as possible to the print heads. For cleaning purposes customers can easily access the electrodes.