High performance UV ink

The Positiv range of UV ink is an instant performance upgrade to your UV printer. It’s low viscosity means that printheads can run at lower temperatures, reducing wear. High pigment density means that less ink is required, reducing ink costs. Class-leading adhesion means it sticks and stays stuck even in the most demanding environments.

Our engineers are not only experts in ink and inkjet hardware but also colour management ninjas. We can colour profile your machines with all popular RIP manufacturers to maximise the colour quality of your prints.

High Gamut

As well as being available in the standard Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black – we also have Light Cyan and Light Magenta formulations for or smoother gradations especially in skin tones. High density White and clear Varnish complete the set of most popular ink colours.

Coming soon – our new Violet, Orange and Green inks will dramatically boost the colour gamut of compatible printers.

Flexible and high adhesion

We have different ranges to suit different applications. Our PremiumFlex range has increased flexibility for printing on flexible products such as leather or packaging prototypes. Our HighAdhesion formulation maximises performance on roll and rigid substrates with the highest solvent and scratch resistance.