The most powerful and dynamic PDF engine on the market

pdfToolbox offers powerful, dynamic and easy to integrate PDF processing, from quick visual inspection and fixing to fully unattended processing of thousands of files. Using rock-solid Adobe technology pdfToolbox provides checking and fixing of even very complex problems, colour management, impositioning, conversion to and from PDF and more. pdfToolbox technology is used by small companies, large publishers and print providers as well as OEMs that integrate the technology in their own solution.

pdfToolbox Server

Fully automated and ready for integration on Mac, Windows, Linux and Unix.

pdfToolbox Desktop

PDF production toolkit, standalone or inside Acrobat on Mac and Windows.

More than PDF

Many workflows need more than simple PDF preflight and correction. pdfToolbox is uniquely suited to go all the way:
• Add printer marks, gutter information, die-cut lines, varnish, under-color white or any other information or element you need to your PDF document. A built-in barcode library gives access to virtually all 1D, 2D or 3D barcodes.
• Convert Office formats (such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Publisher or Open Office), images and PostScript to PDF.
• Optimize PDFs for mobile or web use: compress, crop invisible parts of images, convert to RGB …
• Generate PostScript and EPS from PDF or create production-accurate thumbnails or preview images in TIFF, JPEG and PNG format.
• Use the full-featured imposition engine to create booklets, do a step-and-repeat or perform more complex imposition tasks.
• Split PDF files into separate documents or merge files together, secure PDF files with passwords or re-distill them to fix problems.

Dynamic preflighting, flexibility to the max

For years, pdfToolbox has had the ability to include variables in preflight profiles. This allows preflight checking and conversion to dynamically change, based on the processed PDF file or its associated metadata, which is of great value in more complex preflight workflows. pdfToolbox also includes process plans, which brings conditional processing to preflight workflows.
Dynamically change the properties of preflight checks andfixes in a profile. In workflows where only some parameterschange often (for example when checking sizes of incoming advertisements), this can be used to dramatically reduce complexity. The same technology also allows switching specific checks or fixes on or o while processing files. Variables can be directed from outside (fed from an MIS system for example) or can use JavaScript to take their own decisions.
Define a number of steps a PDF file should be processed through. Each step can be a preflight profile, a single check or a fix, an action (such as saving images, creating a booklet…), another process plan or a variable. Based on the result of each step, processing can jump to any other step in the process plan. Together with JavaScript-based variables, and the ability to generate multiple output PDF files from a process plan, they provide the ultimate in flexibility.

Comfortably in control

Whether a single pdfToolbox Server is used or pdfToolbox Dispatcher shares the load across different systems, setting up and monitoring processing can be a complex task. pdfToolbox simplifies this by allowing remote configuration and remote monitoring of any pdfToolbox installation. All pdfToolbox Server management tools have been built into pdfToolbox Desktop. From the desktop application, it is possible to start a local server or connect to one or more remote servers. This enables you to test preflight profiles or process plans locally and configure a remote server with them once you’re completely satisfied with what they do. Even better, pdfToolbox Server can automatically hold problem files in a checkpoint. With this feature, pdfToolbox Desktop operators get a list of problem files and can check them out to their workstation to inspect or correct. After inspection, the file (or a modified version) can be sent to the success or error folder and continue in the workflow.

PDF power on all levels

pdfToolbox comes as a hands-on version that runs as a plug-in in Adobe Acrobat or as a fast and efficient standalone application. But of course, its real power shines through in an automated workflow where PDF files are handled fully unattended. It’s not even limited to one computer: using automatic load balancing, it can dispatch work to be done by different computers in your network for additional processing power. • Use a watched folder mechanism where files are automatically picked-up and processed. • If more control is necessary, use the command-line interface. For the closest integrations, a full developer SDK is available. • Run pdfToolbox Desktop and Server on Mac or Windows, and pdfToolbox CLI and SDK additionally on Linux and Unix based systems. • Dispatch jobs to satellites for instant load balancing across different systems. Configure and monitor just the dispatcher for easy setup and maintenance.