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The modern inkjet printer is a wonder of engineering. Thousands of parts working together to deliver billions of microscopic ink droplets in precision placement.

NDI have decades of experience maintaining and repairing the complete large format ranges from Epson and Canon. An inkjet printer is rarely working on its own though – RIP software, workflow, media and colour management all have their effect on final printed quality. What sets us apart is the breadth of knowledge and experience we have in complete systems in Prepress, Production and Photography environments.

With UK wide coverage and a sympathetic attitude to the pressures of your business, we aim to be on-site and have you back up and running with minimum delay.

As well as responding to break downs we also offer comprehensive support packages that can be tailored to your needs. For example, if you use your printer for proofing then how about a support contract that not only covers your printer for breakdown but also covers your RIP software and ensures your colour management is hitting the correct standards.

Give us a call for a chat with our tech team and let us help you make sure that your equipment won’t let you down.

NDI is an approved Epson support partner, meaning we can repair your machine as part of it’s Epson warranty. The advantage is no more hanging on the line to a call centre and an engineer on site who understands not just your printer but RIP software, colour management and workflow.

Even if your Epson printer is no longer under warranty we have preferential access to spare parts and latest know-how.

NDI supports the complete range of Canon large format imagePROGRAF printers. All current and out of production machines can be repaired and serviced with all spare parts available such as print heads etc.

As well as ad-hoc call outs we can offer comprehensive maintenance contracts covering every eventuality.