Mistakes can be expensive. You can’t afford for an imposition error to make it onto your press. It’s so easy to miss things on screen. Have you ever noticed that you need a hard copy to notice your typos? Studies have shown that we perceive information differently depending on the medium. A print out makes it much easier to catch a problem before it’s too late.

Double-sided printing

The mighty ImpoProof system is a double-sided imposition proofer. It connects to your pre-press workflow and matches the two sides of your signatures based on your in-house naming convention. The software drives two Canon or Epson inkjets stacked on top of each other with a loop of paper running between them. You could think of it as a mini web press. The first printer outputs side 1 of the signature along with a small registration square on the edge of the paper. The second printer uses a camera to measure the registration square and adjusts itself on the fly to place the second side within 1mm accuracy.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

She’s no looker – but she is fast, accurate and reliable. Worldwide there are close to 1000 installations. This is the only system that can keep up with your platemaker, outputting at a speed of 23 double-sided B1 proofs per hour at 1200 dpi. We have one customer that, since installation in 2014, has used two 75m rolls of paper every day, 7 days a week since!

Canon or Epson

The system is available with Canon or Epson printers. We must say that from experience we recommend the Canons. They are fast and very reliable but the main reason is the head technology. A Canon’s printhead is a consumable item, not very expensive and can be replaced by a user in less than a minute. Each printhead comes with it’s own one year warranty from the time it is installed in the machine. A new Epson printhead requires an engineer visit and is much more costly.