Epson SureColor S Series
Some might say that Epson arrived at the Solvent inkjet party late. What that means however is that it’s competitors are starting to look a little tired and could do with getting a cab home.
Launched in early 2016, the SureColor SC-S range quickly became the best-selling eco-solvent technology of its type in Western Europe. Every component of the SC-S printers has been designed and produced by Epson themselves and all of the printers within the SC-S range are supplied with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard.
The SC-S range consists of three models of wide-format printers which are perfect for end-users looking to produce high-quality photo canvasses, vehicle wraps, wallpapers, point-of-sale materials, backlit panels and posters, display graphics and indoor and outdoor signage.
All three models can be setup easily and simply and feature large clear panels that allow the user to view the entire printing area. The point of printing can also be easily inspected using the internal LED lights.
The SC-S range can utilise uncoated and coated substrates and its new and innovative Precision Media Feeding System allows for a level of accuracy previously unavailable in such affordable, high-quality printing solutions.
Uptime and productivity is further maximised by automatic media setup and alignment which allows operators to rapidly switch between media types. Furthermore, the range’s newly-developed printhead wipers and automatic printhead cleaning system, eliminate almost all printer maintenance.

The Range

Three models make up the S-Series range. The entry level SC-S40600 model has a single print head running CMYK inks and printing at speeds up to 58.4 square meters per hour.
The next step up in productivity is the SC-S60600 which has a second print head to enable running of double CMYK to achieve speeds of up to 95 square meters per hour.
The flagship SC-S80600 model uses it’s two printheads to increase colour gamut and options by adding extra colour channels. The CMYK inks are complimented by Light Cyan, Magenta and Black to smooth detail in highlights, pastels and skin tones. Red and Orange inks boost the colour gamut for increased spot colour accuracy. The final colour channel is used for interchangeable White and Metallic inks for fantastic creative possibilities.

Cleaning system

The range’s newly-developed printhead wipers and automatic printhead cleaning system, eliminates almost all printer maintenance. The cleaning system used on most production inkjets these days involves a rubber wiper that wipes the head to remove ink and debris. The problem with this system is that the wiper itself can become contaminated over time and actually start to damage the head. The new innovative Epson system uses a felt roller that wipes the head. The cassette moves a new section of felt into position each time so that old debris is removed. The cassette is easily replaced by the user when finished.

Take up system

You probably need to have had a bad experience with media feed and take-up systems to know a good one when you see it. Without accurately controlling the tension on the media roll, through the heating system and feed rollers and then on to the take up roller you get stretching. This can be inconsistent along your print depending on the ink coverage. Maybe not such a problem for a one off poster but we’ve heard lots of horror stories of sections of printed wallpaper and tiled banners that are impossible to line up.

RIP Technology

Good software can make a machine fly. The SureColors come with a free version of Onyx. This software is perfect for sign and display work with great features and an easy to use interface. For more complex and colour critical work we recommend EFI Fiery XF, perfect for packaging mock ups on our range of substrates.

Service & Support

We have decades of experience working with Epson technology. Our team has worked with every Epson large format inkjet model over the years. We also know colour management, workflow and rip technology inside out. As well as being an Epson Authorised Dealer, we are also an Epson Service Partner meaning we can service and support your printer even within it’s warranty period.