EFI Fiery XF

In all our years of experience in colour management and inkjet printing we have yet to come across a RIP that ticks all the boxes like Fiery XF. We have worked with or sold almost every other system going but none have ever come close to the breadth and functionality of XF.

In a nutshell, this is a RIP system for running your fleet of inkjet printers. Whether it be for proofing or production, the system is scalable and customisable so that it grows with your business. Centralise colour management so that you can achieve the same results on different machines and load balance your production easily.

Uniquely, XF can run on both Mac and PC platforms. The software runs in two parts; Server and Client. You could have both running on the same machine or you could for example, have the Server running on a PC and the Client installed on every Mac in the studio.

More than 700 models of printers are supported. A huge range of manufacturers from desktop to superwide format.

If your printer has an integrated contour cutter then XF can control it directly. The cut contour path in your artwork is automatically detected and sent to the cutter and not printed.

Special inks can be controlled such as White, Varnish and Primer. Fiery XF has advanced automation features meaning that the source artwork need not be edited. For example, to produce a backlit film display – the artwork is automatically mirrored and a choked white layer printed over the inked areas.

Automated job processing means that you can set up different workflows with a variety of settings. These can be set to auto print or hold until released. You may have a contract proofing workflow that prints and verifies a Fogra media wedge as well as an RGB photographic workflow. It’s a simple matter to set up an automatic nesting template that scales images to produce contact sheets with all cut edges aligned for example.

Unlike other Proofing RIPs, the colour engine in XF is based on standard ICC profiles rather than proprietary device-links. This makes XF extremely flexible and quick to set up. The software is fully compliant with the latest Fogra PSD, G7 and ISO formats – using the integrated
optimisation tools it’s a straightforward job to produce extremely accurate proofs. As well as supporting all the standard media wedges, there is the unique Dynamic Wedge which analyses the colours and spot colours used in a job and produces a wedge of swatches that print and can be measured. Optimisation can be calculated based on the measurement results to further improve accuracy.

It’s no surprise that Fiery XF is the most popular inkjet RIP system worldwide!