EFI Fiery eXpress

A professional toolset that helps you deliver accurate and qualitative printouts in a cost-effective manner

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EFI Fiery eXpress

Take control of your printer. Getting consistent and accurate results from your inkjet is almost impossible with a standard printer driver. Fiery eXpress is the solution.

The baby-brother of Fiery XF – eXpress is a cost-effective software package aimed at customers such as designers, print buyers, marketing agencies, photographers and creative directors. It allows users to produce extremely accurate proofs, stunning photographs and large-format prints.

The software can be effectively operated without any specialist training and is ready to go as soon as it’s installed. Compatible with Mac or PC. It will support all common file formats and is works with more than 400 different printer models.

2,500 individual ICC profiles and linearisations are also included and the software is constantly updated to keep up with the ever changing print market.

If you are in production printing, or require extremely high-quality photographs, then Fiery eXpress will allow you to make last minute changes to your project, such as spot colour edits and colour adjustments. You can also nest, crop, rotate, scale and add crop marks to your files as you prepare it for printing.

If you need to print high-quality proofs and validation prints then eXpress will allow you to utilise the most up-to-date standards and media wedges. The built-in DIC, TOYO, HKS and PANTONE spot colour libraries ensure accurate and automatic brand colour matching. Support for in-line and hand held spectrophotometers means you can measure and verify your proofs to ensure accuracy.