Easymount is designed to perform and built to last

The Easymount range of wide format laminating machines are available in cold, single hot and double hot options, with widths starting from 650mm/26 inches up to 2100mm/83 inches. They can laminate print as well as mount print to foam boards and lay down application tapes & vinyls.

By laminating, you are protecting and preserving your print. Lamination also improves appearance by enhancing almost any type of printed materials. It deepens & brightens colours and improves contrast.

Laminated materials also provide a higher quality finish, an important factor to so many businesses throughout the world as a professional looking brochure, leaflet or business card can improve a companies image and help to generate more sales.

Hot laminators, whether film or pouch, contain rollers that heat up when used. The temperature generated from the rollers heats the plastic laminate film or pouch and then bonds the print to the film or pouch.

Cold laminators are also known as pressure sensitive laminating machines. They too have rollers, but the rollers stay cold and instead apply pressure to the laminating film to bond the film to the print. Cold lamination systems are used more for vinyls and adhesives where heating the print at the lamination stage might damage the print.

Easymount 1600 Cold

Key Features

  • 6m/20ft a minute
  • Variable speed control
  • Foot pedal
  • Reverse mode
  • Multilingual control panel
  • 25mm/1” mounting thickness

Easymount 1600 Single Hot

Ideal when laminating

  • Posters, graphics and signs
  • Mounting prints to board
  • Pop-up displays
  • Applying vinyls, tapes and adhesive films
  • Outdoor signage